About Us


About Us

HIRMIZY GROUP (HG) with an entrepreneurial and innovative mission in 2004, Hirmizy Genel Ticaret Ltd. One of Turkey's most important businessmen under the company name, which was founded by Mustafa HÜRMÜZLÜ of. Since its establishment, it has achieved great success with the services it has provided, and has established long-term partnerships based on trust at home and abroad.

HIRMIZY GROUP, which provides services in various sectors with its knowledge, experience and experience and has a leading position in the fields it serves, has continuously grown and expanded the scope of its services by cooperating with internationally proven institutions. Thus, it has included training, consultancy, translation and health services without compromising its responsibility, trust and quality mission.

HIRMIZY GROUP (HG) TRANSLATION, CONSULTANCY, EDUCATION, TOURISM AND HEALTH SERVICES FOREIGN TRADE LIMITED COMPANY was established in 2012, and by making its main contract with "CERTIPORT", which is a world-renowned leader in performance-based certification exams, it provides career-oriented certification to academic institutions and IT Professionals. provided solutions. In addition, it has expanded its services in the fields of education, consultancy, translation and health, and has signed many international projects and innovative developments in education and consultancy.

Since 2017, HG ACADEMY has been established within its body; It continued all its services in the field of education and its international education projects under the umbrella of HG ACADEMY.

HIRMIZY GROUP provides solutions to every individual, company or institution in every step, application and arrangement in line with potential needs and demands. In this direction, the constant main goal of HIRMIZY GROUP; To provide the best possible service in projects carried out at home and abroad with a vision based on trust, quality and professionalism, and to create solutions for the needs of the age by establishing innovative and sustainable collaborations.

HIRMIZY GROUP acts with unchangeable principles:

Needs analysis,
Correct planning and operational success,
Customer trust and satisfaction,
Innovative understanding,
To raise awareness,
To add value,
To make customer satisfaction sustainable.

HIRMIZY GROUP, Turkey's leading private and state universities with a bachelor of foreign students in cooperation with a broad portfolio, are partners in providing graduate and foreign students to universities by their doctor.


Believing that establishing the right communication and acting with the right communication channels will bring along the right solutions, HG ACADEMY always strives to keep its students one step ahead with the trainings it provides. HG ACADEMY, located in Turkey and increasing the education and quality of life of students in Turkish learn asking students and other status, the business world in the helping to provide effective service and production as well as the cultural differences in order to be transformed into wealth also carries on many projects.


Online Turkish Course

All students who want to learn Turkish but do not have the opportunity to come to our course centers can attend our online Turkish lessons, which we conduct with an innovative approach.

This program, in which the entire education process takes place 100% live via the internet, consists of a total of 5 levels: A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1.

Each course lasts 6 weeks and a total of 96 hours.

24/7 access to the online system is available. In addition to the training that the student will receive live 4 hours a day, they can connect to the system at any time they want, repeat the topic and solve questions. Students can access video replays created by HG Academy, online exercises and activities, and supplementary supplementary materials on any day and at any time.

Turkish Language Course

Supported by the Communicative Approche method, our program is prepared to develop 4 language skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking) simultaneously in accordance with the European Common Application Text standards. We endeavor to teach Turkish language to our students in the best way possible with our expert and experienced Turkish teachers who graduated from Turkish and Turkish Language and Literature departments of various universities. Because we know that a foreign language is learned from native speakers. Our course consists of 5 levels, A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1. Each course lasts 6 weeks and a total of 96 hours. Throughout our curriculum, besides source books, auxiliary resources, technological tools and materials are used and language learning is supported with various activities.

Online Turkish Language Test (TDS)

The TDS (Turkish Language Exam), which our institution has created and patented, is an internet-based Type that determines the Turkish level of people who learn Turkish as a foreign language, enables them to enter the level exams, and certifies their Turkish degrees.